Jump Arts Journal Critics Poll 2005

January 3, 2005

For 2004
In alphabetical order


1. DAVE BURRELL’S FULL BLOWN TRIO, Expansion (High Two Recording HT001)

2. JOHN BUTCHER, Cavern with Nightlife (Weight of Wax wow 01)

3. URI CAINE TRIO, Live at the Village Vanguard (Winter & Winter 910 102-2)

4. VINNY GOLIA, A Gift for the Unusual — Music for Contrabass Saxophone (Nine Winds NWCD 0239)

5. JOHN HEWARD TRIO, Let Them Pass/Laissez-Passer (Drimala DR 04 347-02)

6. HANS KOCH, London Duos and Trios (Intakt CD 081)

7. DAVID KRAKAUER, Live In Krakow (Label Bleu LBLC 6667)

8. SUNNY MURRAY/JOHN EDWARDS/TONY BEVAN, Home cooking in the UK (Foghorn FOG CD004)

9. NO SPAGHETTI EDITION, Real time satellite data (SOFA 513)

10. B.E.E.K. (BRÖTZMANN/ ELLIS/ ENEIDI/ KRALL), Live at the Spruce Street Forum (Botticelli 1015)

11. OLAF TON, Olaf Ton (Leo CD LR 381)

12. OLES/MAHALL/TIBERIAN/OLES, Contemporary Quartet (Not Two MW 744-2)

13. PARKER/SCHLIPPENBACH/LYTTON, America 2003 (psi 04.06/7)

14. ROVA: ORKESTROVA, An Alligator in Your Wallet (EWE EWE EWCD 0069)

15. TED SIROTA’S REBEL SOULS, Breeding Resistance (Delmark DG-551)

16. UNSK, Tidszon (Creative Sources cs014)

Ken Waxman is a Toronto-based editorial consultant who writes about jazz and improvised music for a number of publication and Web sites, including his own, www.jazzword.com