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JazzWord is devoted to the musical sounds that have developed since the late 1950s and are often described as Free Music, Free Jazz, Energy Music, FreeBop, Avant-Garde and Creative Improvised Music. While not wedded to a hard and fast definition or a particular timeline, every item on this website has some connection with the North American music derived from the African-American Diaspora first called jazz, and disseminated in the main through recorded sound and live concerts.

Jazzword offers thousands of  Reviews by veteran music critic Ken Waxman and references over 5,500 individual Artists.  The reviews cover CDs as well as books, live concerts and international Festivals.  Susan O’Connor’s performance portraits provide an exclusive pictorial record of artists in the midst of creation.  Gallery O includes additional photos of people, places and things in a range of locations on which she has focused.

The original Jazzword site was created in 2000 by Ken Waxman in 2000 and IT specialist David Groskind, who maintained it for many years.  Simplistics of Toronto revamped and refreshed it in 2022.  Waxman and O’Connor are now the administrators of the site.

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