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Mama Jazz Festival 2022. Vilnius, Lithuania

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Quatuor Umlaut

Calques: Morton Feldman/Karl Naegelen
Umlaut Records UMFR-CD 37
By Ken Waxman Connecting the common threads between French composer Karl Naegelen’s “Calques” and US composer Morton Feldman’s “Clarinet and string quartet” Paris-based Quatuor Umlaut and clarinetist Joris Rühl emphasize indeterminacy but add enough variations to counter shifts towards the soporific. Together violinists Amaryllis Billet and Anna Jalving, violist Fanny Paccoud and cellist Sarah Ledoux project a unison sound. Yet with shaded glissandi plus expanding and compressing textures, their harmonies can crackle like electronics or… Read More
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