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Jazzdor 2022 - Strasbourg

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Sloth Racket

Organising Space
Luminous LU 017
Spinningwork Spinningwork New Jazz and Improvised Music NEWJAiM12 Part of the newest group of British improvisers who strive to involve other UK areas as well as London in appreciation for the music are baritone saxophonist Cath Roberts and drummer Johnny Hunter. Members of many ad hoc groups, both since 2015 have been part of the Sloth Racket quintet. Having developed improv identities, they’re also mature enough to adapt to different playing circumstances. On Spinningwork, the… Read More
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Klaeng Festival

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Jazzdor 2022

Aki Takase’s Japanic Jazzdor 2022 November 5 - 10 Strasbourg, France Review by Ken Waxman Photos by Susan…

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