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» Sommerfest – Unser Baby wird 80! « See below.

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KLM Trio

Parallel Records PR0 19
Tancède D. Kummer Forges Boomslang Records No # Two French trio sessions built around vibraphones are determined to express swing and improvisations in a quiet and understated fashion. Blending vibe tones with those from particular other instruments, contrasting programs is the result. Yet there are points both sessions drift uncomfortably close – sometimes uncomfortably close – to sweetness and delicacy. Forges includes two musicians from Montpelier, pianist Remi Ploton and vibist Samuel Mastorakis as well… Read More
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Unser Baby wird 80: Sommerfest 2023

German percussionist Günter “Baby” Sommer celebrates his 80th birthday with three days of concerts in Dresden. Sept. 22-23,…

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Bezau Beatz

Four days of music in northern Austria encompassed notated music, Bop and free jazz in a range of…

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