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Reviews, concert reports and
photographs of an extensive range of
improvised and jazz-related music

Toronto: Women From Space 2024 link below

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Beck Hunters

From Wolves to Water
New Jazz and Improvised Music NEWJAIm 19
The question of how the high-quality music created by the UK’s Beck Hunters could be improved upon was answered at the Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music a couple of years ago. That’s when local pianist Laura Cole and bassist John Pope joined the trio of multi-reedist Mick Beck and the Hunter Brothers, guitarist Anton and percussionist Johnny. The one extended improvisation found the guests embedded in the group architecture without fissure adding rhythmic… Read More
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Recent Festivals

Women from Space

Now in its sixth Earth year, Toronto’s 2024 Women From Space (WFS) festival ranged even further into the…

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Porta-Jazz 2024

Three-day festival in northwest Portugal in early February 2024 showcased Portuguese improvisers and those from elsewhere.

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