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Jazzdor 2022 - Strasbourg

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Doubtmusic dmf-174
Veterans of Japan’s thriving but mostly unexplored (by Westerners) Free Jazz scene, Tryangle’s members maturely establish the twists and turn of in-the-moment improvisation on two extended tracks. Drummer Hiroshi Yamazaki, who has played with the likes of Evan Parker; alto saxophonist Eiichi Hayashi, part of bands with Aki Takase; and bassist Nobuyoshi Ino, who partnered Lester Bowie for a few years; temper their technique exploration with occasional swivels into melodic sequences. Despite playing the quietest… Read More
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Klaeng Festival

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Jazzdor 2022

Aki Takase’s Japanic Jazzdor 2022 November 5 - 10 Strasbourg, France Review by Ken Waxman Photos by Susan…

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