Susana Santos Silva / Joachim Badenhorst / Goncalo Almeida / Greg Smith

December 6, 2017


Clean Feed CF433 CD

By Ken Waxman

Metamorphosis is true to its title only if an entity can transmogrify one way and subsequently take a completely opposite form, as this Portuguese/Canadian/Belgian foursome does on this CD. Initially on “Metamorphosis I”, it appears that the brassy emphasis from Portuguese trumpeter Susana Santos Silva and pressurized flutters from Belgian bass clarinetist Joachim Badenhorst are going to be simple bagatelles to the polyrhythmic undulations from Portuguese keyboardist Gonçalo Almeida which seem to subsume all other timbres into a crackling electronic wash. But not only is there soon space for brass and reed counterpoint, but once the sounds flow into “Metamorphosis II”, the pulsating tick-tock of Canadian drummer Greg Smith kicks into gear and is joined by string plucks from Almeida, who has switched to powerful double bass expansion creating an acoustic jazz trope.

This movement from electronic to acoustic continues throughout the CD, through faultless changes of pitch and tempo. Especially striking is how Badenhorst and Silva appear to be going their separate ways, examining extended techniques, involving, for instance, contralto hollow tones from the clarinetist and billowing plunger excursions from the trumpeter, only to interlock onto a series of connective riffs in the nick of time.

Officially Badenhorst is still a guest of the LAMA trio, but it’s evident that the four have evolved a strategy that gives everyone a chance at textural exploration as a notable group sound is produced.

-For The Whole Note December 2017