Gallery O Catalogues


Not all images by Susan O’Connor appear in JazzWord/GalleryO. However, all images made during concerts and festivals since 1981 are listed in the GalleryO catalogue. The collection includes artists’ portraits in black and white film and digital format. All images are (c) Susan O’Connor and may be reproduced only with express permission and a published credit. Licensing fees vary.

For a complete catalogue or inquiries, contact Susan O’Connor at xxxxx/email here??? – OR SARA – Can they download a PDF? I would have to update and replace periodically.

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During Vision Fest, NYC


AND: [A Good example of one that needs a bit of work to lighten up. LATER.

UPDATE: BUT BUT – don’t think I need the JWord pic list as much as adding a copy of the GalleryO catalogue. The JazzWord 4000 Archive has its own list. OLD IDEA = IN TERMS of the List, here is a sample page (1 of 88) in Libre Office format: I tried to upload it through Media Library
Page 1 of 88 Libre Office Photo List

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