Gerhard Gschlössl

Brother & Sisterhood of Breath opened Sommerfest, an 80th birthday tribute to drummer and percussionist Günter Baby Sommer in Dresden, Germany in September 2023. Musicians involved were from Germany, Austria, Romania and Scotland and included trumpeters Niklaus Neuser and Martin Klingeberg; trombonists Gerhard Gschlößle and Micha Winkler; alto saxophonists Silke Eberhard, Anna Kaluza and Raymond MacDonald; Matthias Schubert on tenor saxophone; Gebhard Ullmann playing tenor saxophone and bass clarinet; pianist Uli Gumpert; bassist Robert Lucaciu; and Sommer.

Ken Waxman's review is under Festivals, along with more photos.

Gerhard Geschlössel
Gerhard Gschlössl
Gerhard Geschl&#246ssel