Tracking Contemporary Avant-Garde Jazz in Poland (Sort of)

Although Bandcamp Daily’s Nate Patrin somewhat tenuously tries to link the 100th anniversary of Poland’s  creation as a modern state and pianist Dave Brubeck’s combo’s visit to the country in the 1958 with the freedom that lead the subsequent growth of Jazz in the country, he seems to be ignoring a significant group of modern players today. While Brubeck’s example may have encouraged now-revered early modern Jazz icons like pianist Krzysztof Komeda and trumpeter Tomasz Stańko to follow uncompromising paths despite the political climate, with a couple of  exceptions, Patrin appears to think that their successor are players who draw more from  hip-hop samples, ProgRock,  Krautrock, drone, and ambient rhythms than Jazz improvisation. Perhaps cross-over bands like EABS and  Niechęć may one day became famous among those who object to Jazz contaminating their pseudo-Jazz programs, but even when Patrin mentions more exploratory players such as clarinetist Wacław Zimpel and guitarist Raphael Rogińsk, he suggests listening to tracks they recorded that aim more towards mainstream instrumental Pop than anything more challenging.