Spreading the Language of Improvisation: The AACM’s Douglas R. Ewart

Just before a recent concert in his home town of Minneapolis, multi-instrumentalist Douglas Ewart tells the Star Tribune’s Britt Robson how the move to Minnesota helped his career. A native of Jamaica, who was involved with the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians from the time he moved to Chicago at 18, Ewart, who also builds his own instruments, commuted back and forth between the cities even after his wife got a Minneapolis arts administration position there in the late 1989s. But using his AACM-honed skills, once he moved to Minneapolis, Ewart was able to tap into arts funding and find proper venues to present his variants of improvisation, the most recent of which featured the multi-instrumentalist alongside long-time collaborators like saxophonist Roscoe Mitchell and drummer Hamid Drake, plus local bassist Anthony Cox.