Our Culture is starved for Silence: Travis Laplante

Known for his work in Battle Trance, Little Women and other Jazz-oriented groups, Brooklyn-based tenor saxophonist Travis Laplante explains to Madison, Wisc.’s Grant Phipps in this wide-ranging radio and Tone Madison Web page interview that he’s as involved with composing as he is with improvisation. Deeply committed to Subtle Degrees, the improvisational duo he co-leads with drummer Gerald Cleaver, with whom he has been playing for 15 years, Laplante also spends time composing for interpretative modern dancers, the JACK string quartet and Yarn/Wire a two pianos/two percussionist New music ensemble. Someone who admits to be equally influenced by Beethoven’s later string quartets and John Coltrane, Laplante wants to inject more space into his music. As he says: “I just feel like silence is really the most beautiful sound. I hope to use it more in some senses in the future.” (Also includes two samples of Laplante’s recorded work )