NPR’s 11th Annual

Jazz Critics Poll Ballot

•Your name and primary affiliation(s)

Ken Waxman: The New York City Jazz Record; Whole Note

•Your choices for this year’s 10 best New Releases listed in descending order

1. Alexander Hawkins Trio Alexander Hawkins Music AH 1001

2. Anna Webber’s Simple Trio Binary Skirl Records 033

3. Michael Formanek Ensemble Kolossus The Distance ECM 2484

4. Artifacts Reed-Reid-Mitchell 482 Music 482-1093

5. Umlaut Big Band Euro Swing Vol. 2 Umlaut UMFR-CD18

6. Grenscó Open Collective Derengé/Dawn SLAM CD 565/Hunnia Records HR CD 1508

7. Christian Lillinger Grund Pirouet PIT 3086

8. Steve Swell’s Kende Dreams Hommage à Bartok Silkheart SHCD 160

9. MMM Quartet Oakland/Lisboa RogueArt Rog-0063

10. Yoni Kretzmer Five Out Now ONR 026

•Your top-three Reissues or Historical album

1. Daunik Lazro/Joëlle Léandre/George Lewis Enfances 8 janv. 1984 Fou FRCD 18

2. Don Cherry/John Tchicai/Irène Schweizer/Leon Francioli/Pierre Favre Musical Monsters Intakt CD 269

3. Joe McPhee Alone Together Corbett vs. Dempsey CvsDCD021

•Your choice for the year's best Debut album

1. Julie Kjær 3 Dobbeltgænger Clean Feed CF 361 CD

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