(in alphabetical order)
for All About Jazz 1. AMM/FORMANEX,Treatise (Fibrr 006) 2. DAVE BURRELL’S FULL BLOWN TRIO, Expansion (High Two Recording HT001) 3. JOHN BUTCHER/CHRISTOPHER IRMER/AGUSTÍ FERNÁNDEZ, Clearings (ART.CappuccinoNet 008) 4. URI CAINE TRIO, Live at the Village Vanguard (Winter & Winter 910 102-2) 5. COOPER-MOORE/TOM ABBS/CHAD TAYLOR, Triptych Myth (Hopscotch 14) 6. DENNIS GONZÁLEZ’S INSPIRATION BAND, Nile River Suite (Daagnim CD9) 7. BURTON GREENE , Live at Grasland (Drimala DR-04-347-01) 8. HANS KOCH, London Duos and Trios (Intakt CD 081) 9. DAVID KRAKAUER, Live In Krakow (Label Bleu LBLC 6667) 10. FABIO MARTINI - INTRIO, Practicality (Leo CD LR 392) 11. MOE! STAIANO’S MOE!KESTRA! Forms of Multitudes: Conducted Improvisations (Records EDT 4021/Pax Recordings 90261/Dephine Knormal Musik DKM 06) 12. MOUNT WASHINGTON, Mount Washington (Reify Recordings RE 001) 13. NO SPAGHETTI EDITION, Real time satellite data (SOFA 513) 14. KEVIN NORTON/JOËLLE LÉNDRE/TOMÁS ULRICH, Ocean of Earth (Barking Hoop BY-BKH007) 15. OLAF TON, Olaf Ton (Leo CD LR 381) 16. OLES/MAHALL/TIBERIAN/OLES, Contemporary Quartet (Not Two MW 744-2) 17. PARKER/SCHLIPPENBACH/LYTTON, America 2003 (psi 04.06/7) 18. TED SIROTA’S REBEL SOULS, Breeding Resistance (Delmark DG-551) 19. LISA SOKOLOV, Presence (Laughing Horse Records Lhr 1011) 20. CECIL TAYLOR & THE ITALIAN INSTABILE ORCHESTRA, The Owner Of The River Bank (Justin Time/Enja JENJ 3317-2) 21. MALACHI THOMPSON & AFRICA BRASS, Blues Jazz (Delmark DG-548) 22. DAVE TUCKER WEST COAST PROJECT, Tenderloin (Pax PR 90264)