Mark Dresser: Solo, Group and Telematic Improvising

Although Troy Collins’ Point of Departure interview with Mark Dresser mostly deals with the bassist/composer’s solo and group work over the years, the technological aspects of telematic music are an important codicil. When in 2004, Dresser moved from New York to teach at University of California San Diego, he found himself constantly traveling east to hook up with sympathetic playing partners. While he has now developed associations with local players and fellow academics like trombonist Michael Dessen, flutist Nicole Mitchell and pianist Myra Melford, advanced telematic technology also now allows him and them to play in real time with colleagues on the east coast and in Europe. Dresser, who was first invited to play advanced Jazz on the West Coast with the likes of cornetist Bobby Bradford, flutist James Newton and tenor saxophonist David Murray , by  his mentor, bassist Bert Turetzky, has also maintained his bi-coastal connections that included a long stint in reedist Anthony Braxton‘s best-remembered quartet, plus collaborations with such potential telematic participants as hyper-pianist Denman Maroney and drummer Gerry Hemingway, who now lives in Switzerland.