Many Areas at Once: Gordon Grdina

Trying to characterize an improviser’s lifestyle and connections, the Vancouver Province’s Stuart Derdeyn devotes most of his article on Gordon Grdina noting the number of New York players with whom the Vancouver guitarist and oudist now collaborates. Itemizing the many Manhattan bands under Grdina’s name, Derdeyn reports that the connecting factor is working out a group identity so each sounds like a band, not players thrown together. While the Burnaby-born string player started off in Blues bands, Grdina is now a committed Jazzer, interested in composing and playing tunes that highlight each musician’s individual talents. That means that his trio with pianist Matt Mitchell and drummer Jim Black shouldn’t sound like his quartet with reedist Oscar Noriega, pianist Russ Lossing and drummer Satoshi Takeishi, and neither should resemble the music of those ensembles in which he plays the Middle Eastern oud. While these configurations are ongoing projects, the scheduling challenge is that each involves playing a few warm-up shows in New York, touring for a few days and finally going into the studio to record.