Lou Gare: neglected AMM co-founder

An appreciation as much as an obituary, London-based saxophonist Seymour Wright writes in The Wire about the recent death of exploratory tenor saxophonist Lou Gare (1939-2017), who was less acknowledged than his fellow members of the pioneering British Free Music group AMM.  Perhaps it was because as a saxophonist with a Jazz background, Gare played the instrument associated with that music, from which other early AMM members  – drummer Eddie Prévost, guitarist Keith Rowe, and pianist/cellist Cornelius Cardew – were trying to distance themselves. But Wright also insists that Gare’s multi-layered sound and organic style of playing was as much a part of the AMM sound as the others’ contributions. Gare left the band in the late 1970s, after spending half a decade in a duo with Prévost. Additionally Wright notes he personally has spent many years since he first saw Gare play – on a rare reunion gig with the AMM drummer and guitarist in 1989 – trying to figure out the contours of Gare’s playing and how he could adapt to it.