Latest Reviews

Paul Bley/Gary Peacock/Paul Motian
When Will the Blues Leave
ECM 2642

Michael Vlatkovich/5 Winds
Five of Us

George Lewis/Roscoe Mitchell
Voyage and Homecoming
RogueArt ROG 0086

Ben Goldberg
Good Day for Cloud Fishing
Pyroclastic PRO 5

Horace Tapscott/Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra/Great Voice of UGMAA
Why Don’t You Listen?
Dark Tree DT (RS) 11

Who Has Seen the Wind?
Songlines SGL 1629-2

Big Tent
I Am Waiting
NotTwo MW 989-2

Simon Nabatov
Readings Gileya Revisited
Leo CD LR 856

The Attic
Summer Bummer
NoBusiness Records CD 117

Rodrigo Amado/Chris Corsano
No Place to Fall
Astral Spirits/Monfonus Press MF207/AS103

Daniel Sarid/Yoni Kretzmer/Michael Evans
OutNow Recordings ONR 040

fourtyfour fiftythree
Creative Sources CS 582 CD

Mahdhira de Saram/Benoît Delbecq
Confront Recordings Core 06

Benedict Taylor & Dirk Serries
Puncture Cycle
New Wave of Jazz nwo/0018

Danielle Cavallanti A World of Sounds
Rudi Records RRJ1040

Empty Editions EE004

LFU: Lisbon Freedom Unit
Praise of Our Folly
Clean Feed CF 480 CD

Umlaut Records umcd 0030

Pat Thomas/John Butcher/Ståle Liavik Solberg
Fictional Souvenirs
Astral Spirits MF 191/AS 088

Pebbles & Pearls
Pebbles & Pearls
Setola di Maniale SM 3800

The Fictive Five
Anything is Possible
Clean Feed CF 514 CD

Harris Eisenstadt
Old Growth Forest II
Astral Spirits MF 196/AS093

François Carrier/Michael Lambert/John Edwards
FMR CD 501

François Houle/Alexander Hawkins/Harris Eisenstadt
You Have Options
Songlines SGL 1628-2

Evan Parker//Matthew Wright/Trance Map+
Crepuscule in Nickelsdorf
Intakt CD 329

Evan Parker/Paul G. Smyth
Calenture and Light Leaks
Weekertoft WKTCD 10

Grencsȯ Collective Special 5 with Ken Vandermark
Do Not Slam the Door
BMC CD 271

Franz Koglmann Septet
Fruits of Solitude
ezz-thetics 1005

Assif Tsahar/William Parker/Hamid Drake
In Between the Tumbling a Stillness
Hopscotch Records HOP 60

Fake Music
Soul What Records 004

Alister Spence and Satoko Fujii Orchestra Kobe
Imagine Meeting You Here
Alister Spence Music ASM 008

Satoko Fujii Orchestra Tokyo
Kikoeru Tribute to Masaya Kimura
Libra Records 215-055

Ocean Fanfare
First Nature
Barefoot Records BFREC 060 CD

Angelika Niescier
New York Trio
Intakt CD 321

Die Hochstapler
The Quick Brown Fox Jumps over the Lazy Dog
Umlaut Records UB010

Burton Greene/Damon Smith/Ra-Kalam Bob Moses
Life's Intense Mystery
Astral Spirits MF 193/AS 090

Thomas Olbrechts
Seminal Records #054

Michaël Attias
èchos la nuit
Out Of Your Head OOYH003

Joachim Zoepf
Nurnichtnur 118 06 13S

Setola di Maiale SM 3550