Jazz Goes to Church: James Falzone

Writing for the “Classical Music” page of The Seattle Times, Tom Keogh emphasizes the background in religious-oriented music of clarinetist James Falzone. Chair of music at the city’s Cornish College of the Arts, Falzone’s then-upcoming concert at the school’s Chapel in the Good Shepherd Center, featuring pianist Wayne Horvitz and bassist Abbey Blackwell, linked improvisations with liturgical music composed by Falzone. Pointing out that the clarinetist was music director at Grace Chicago Church for 16 years, when he lived in Illinois, Keogh notes how that experience helped shape Falzone’s ideas about composing and arranging as a form of service to others, and broadened his definition of liturgical music. At the same time the writer emphasizes that the clarinetist, who spends as much time playing secular as scared music, is only one of the Jazz musicians who teach or have taught at Cornish, including trombonist Julian Priester, Horvitz and French hornist Tom Varner.