Hyper focused on Creativity: Jaimie Branch

While New York-based trumpeter Jaimie Branch keeps most of her personal background and musical history close to her during this interview with Reverb’s Nick Millevoi,  by inference some insight into her creative process comes out. Regularly recording and touring has become an expected activity for the trumpeter since 2017 when interest in her first solo session allowed her to quit her (unnamed) day job after many years. She’s now able to keep working with other New York and Chicago-based, players of her generation like cellist Lester St. Louis, bassist Jason Ajemian and drummer Chad Taylor. Finding a studio space to commute to and practice in many hours a day gives her the routine, she needs, Branch reveals. Also she can turn her attention to learning the synthesizer and drum machine as well as playing trumpet, composing tunes and even writing lyrics and vocalizing them to be part of future discs and tours. The trumpeter, who studied visual art as well as music in university, now designs her own album covers. But she admits that she finds musical creation and recording more pressured than art. She isn’t trying to compose the perfect tune, she says, but “I’m trying to write music that I want to be playing for the next year and a half or two years and have it be loose enough where it can transform (over time)”.