From Punk to Free Music: Damon Smith

Bandcamp Daily’s Brad Cohan certainly piles on the adjectives in this story, and seems a little lost when bassist Damon Smith connects the dots to show how his present improvising involving Free Jazz and Free Music had its roots in early Noise and Punk bands. But while explaining what the bassist is doing on his Bandcamp page, Cohan delves into Smith’s history and how the bassist’s “imposing and beefy techniques” has enlivened scenes first in his Bay area hometown, then in Texas and now in Quincy, Mass. A few of Smith’s sessions on his own Balance Point Acoustic label are linked, and the bassist has space to expand on his musical philosophy, which after study with improv bassist Lisle Ellis, has allowed him to move into situations where he has collaborated with a variety of unique players in the US and Europe, ranging from reedists Kidd Jordan and Wolfgang Fuchs to drummers as separated stylistically as Weasel Walter and Alvin Fielder.