Exploratory Jazz’s Place on the Boston Scene

While Bandcamp Daily’s Tzvi Gluckin seems a little too concerned with mentioning the number of Jazz-Fusion musicians and groups that came from Boston over the years, he does offer a quick history of the roots of the city’s avant-garde Jazz scene here. With educational institutions like the Berklee College of Music and the New England Conservatory as attractions, exploratory musicians such as pianist Cecil Taylor and multi-reedist Makanda Ken McIntyre were making local sonic waves as early as the 1950s. Although today venues to work in may still be small, out-of-the-way and often pay-to-play, a group of non-mainstream performers continues to evolve their sounds in Beantown, some of whom teach music at the post-secondary level. Besides veteran tenor saxophonist George Garzone and the Fringe trio, others making notable contributions include pianist Pandelis Karayorgis; alto saxophonist Jim Hobbs with his trio and his Fully Celebrated Orchestra; and Timo Shanko, who excels both as a bassist and a tenor saxophonist.