Everything You Might Want to know about Pat Thomas and his Music

Exhaustive and almost exhausting, Bill Shoemaker goes through nearly every recording date, performance and opinion of Pat Thomas, the Oxford, UK-based pianist, electronics manipulator and bandleader in this extended Point of Departure feature, including several unwarranted detours into other areas. An anomaly on the British scene, Thomas is a UK-born child of Antiguan parents, who has since adopted Sufism, and is most concerned with acknowledging the Arabic and Muslim roots of Jazz and improvised music as well as its African beginnings. First prominent when he was featured with guitarist Derek Bailey’s Company Weeks in the 1990s, he subsequently worked with other Free Improvisers like saxophonist Evan Parker and drummer Tony Oxley. Yet he also detoured into standard playing with the likes of saxophonist Lol Coxhill, titled his CDs with Arabic phrases and eventually put together the band Black Top with vibraphonist Orphy Robinson that melded African and Caribbean influences with free playing. Besides recently receiving a prestigious award for his composing, Thomas is a member of still other groups, including those which match him with many continental players such as Swedish bassist Joel Grip and French drummer Antonin Gerbal.