Everything is a Group Endeavor: Joshua Abrams

Resolute in his insistence that his Natural Information Society (NIS) group has been well-received because of the sum of individual musicians’ contributions, with only his name upfront, double bass and guimbri player Joshua Abrams discusses his band configuration, ideas and influences with Bandcamp Daily’s Will Schube. Although known for his world-music and dance-trance affiliations, Abrams, who has also composed film scores, has deep roots playing Jazz, including long-time affiliations with the likes of guitarist Jeff Parker and the late tenor saxophonist/club owner Fred Anderson. So while associates like guitarist Emmett Kelly, harmonium player Lisa Alvarado and drummers Frank Rosaly and Mikel Avery are permanent members of NIS, he’s proud that tenor saxophonist Ari Brown was able to be featured on the one track of NIS’ new record that honors Anderson.