Doing the best that I can in the now: Andrew Cyrille

Master drummer Andrew Cyrille knows how to tell a story, and The Austin Chronicle’s Michael Toland is knowledgeable enough to let him talk before upcoming dates in the Texas city with groups featuring guitarist Bill Frisell or tenor saxophonist Billy Harper. Recalling his learning experiences touring with Blues singer Nellie Lutcher, tenor saxophone avatar Coleman Hawkins, and playing Bop and for dancers, Cyrille still insists that the 11 years he spent in the ever-changing unit under the leadership of pianist Cecil Taylor allowed him to do whatever he felt he needed in the moment and defined him as a innovative percussionist. In demand to play in numberless groups in Europe and the U. S., the veteran drummer is looking forward to upcoming gigs with tenor saxophonist Peter Brötzmann or trumpeter Enrico Rava, as well as a nightclub stint with the cooperative Trio3 featuring bassist Reggie Workman and alto saxophonist Oliver Lake. Meanwhile Cyrille jokes that he’s glad his honed-over-the-years percussion style isn’t universally loved or he wouldn’t have any time off.