Dave Rempis Makes his own Breaks

The article could have had a little less about The Chicago Reader’s John Corbett’s memory of first seeing the musicians play and more about the musicians themselves, but otherwise it presents a fair portrait of the musical life of Chicago saxophonist Dave Rempis. Deciding early on that no one else was going to hustle to get him gigs, Rempis started booking a series of shows at one nightclub, then in other places in the city and later elsewhere in the US and finally throughout Europe. Meanwhile his self-financed record label Aerophonic was formed to preserve sounds that are, as Rempis says, “trying to reach the type of meditative depth in the music that we’re going for [that] takes some time,” and ignores pop-song lengths or commercial considerations. The article also promotes one of the saxophonist’s most accomplished bands, a quartet in which he plays alongside keyboardist Jim Baker, drummer Avreeayl Ra and bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten.