Checking In with the New Polish Jazz

While a few of the 11 groups recommended to website Culture.PL by Dwójka radio presenter Przemek Psikuta as representing Poland’s most accomplished new Jazz musicians play rather conventional music, he does offer  some other intriguing choices. Putting aside those bands which specialize in expected mainstream or Fusion sounds, a focus on innovative players is also expressed. For example Psikuta writes about new CDs by Warsaw-based alto saxophonist Maciej Obara, whose Polish-Norwegian quartet deals with filmic themes; Wroclaw trumpeter Piotr Damasiewicz, whose Power of the Horns large, multi-instrumental ensemble works hard to tour the entire country; pianist Piotr “Piano Hooligan” Orzechowski, who is also experimenting with adapting electronics to his music; and the cooperative RGG trio made up of pianist Łukasz Ojdan, percussionist Krzysztof Gradziuk and bassist Maciej Garbowski, who have also recorded with international Free Music avatars such as saxophonist Evan Parker.