Big Five Chords That Lead to Unique Music

An affectionate if somewhat shortened yarn, Jazz Times’ Mike Shanley manages to trace the interconnections that make up different groups featuring Austin guitarist Jon Lundbom and New York-based saxophonist Bryan Murray. Both originally from the Chicago area, the guitarist’s short New York sojourn led to other young musicians, involved in their own bands, like saxophonist Jon Irabagon and bassist Moppa Eliott also playing on the initial Big Five (BFC) CDs when the band was formed. Lundbom, who says he was influenced by players as disparate as Ornette Coleman and Stan Getz, as well as a D’Angelo’s Jazz-Hip Hop record, leads other local groups as well as BFC, all of which hold to his idea of maintaining a groove, but without repeating the head at the ending. Meanwhile Murray spends part of his non-BFC time creating unprecedented multiphonic sessions using a “balto!” an alto sax with a baritone mouthpiece, whose sound he describes as “loud, disgusting and out of tune.”