An Academic Conference on Cecil Taylor’s Influences

Giving the late pianist-composer the serious attention he deserves, New York University’s Graduate Center and the Hitchcock Institute for the Study of American Music at Brooklyn College is sponsoring an academic conference on the art of Cecil Taylor. Scheduled for October 24 to October 26 of this year, the conference will build on and amplify the scholarship available on Taylor’s musical and poetic works. Keynote speakers already scheduled include Nahum Dimitri Chandler, David Grubbs, Fred Moten, Fumi Okiji and Ben Young. The conference will celebrate Taylor the educator by hosting an ensemble workshop led by bassoonist Karen Borca, who will pass on a composition dictated to her by Taylor. Additionally one evening will feature a concert and discussion by drummer Andrew Cyrille, bassist William Parker and pianist Matthew Shipp. Until May 3 the Conference will accept other proposals to present papers, music etc. during that weekend.  More details: