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May 20, 2022

George Freeman

Everybody Say Yeah!
Southport S-SSD 0153

Mike Allemana


ears&eyes Records EE-22-140

Beginning in the Bop era and continuing until today the Freemans have been the first family of modern Jazz in Chicago. Unlike better-known players, except for longer and shorter periods away, the family members stayed close to home and through club residences and jam session participation influenced a few generations of meritorious improvisers. While Bruzz Freeman (1921- 2006), and tenor saxophonist Von Freeman (1923-2012) are dead, Von’s brother guitarist George Freeman (b. 1927) and son, saxophonist Chico Freeman (b. 1949) are still active. Everybody Say Yeah! and Vonology are two widely disparate reckonings of the Freeman legacy. MORE