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September 2, 2021

Florian Weiss’ Woodoism

Alternate Reality
Nwog Records 036



Barefoot Records BFREC 066 CD

Cannily expanding on the low-pitch dexterity of trombonists and double bassists, two younger Swiss and Scandinavian combos create incisive takes on freedom-tinged contemporary improvisation. Led by trombonist Florian Weiss, who composed all of Alternate Reality’s 10 tracks, the Swiss quartet also features alto saxophonist/flautist Linus Amstad, percussionist Philipp Leibundgut and bassist Valentin v. Fischer. A quintet whose tunes were composed by either tenor saxophonist Nana Pi or trombonist Petter Hängsel, the Copenhagen-based Nezelhorns quintet includes trumpeter Erik Kimestad, bassist Johannes Vaht and Swedish drummer Kristoffer Rostedt. MORE