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June 23, 2021

Joel Futterman Trio

In-Between Positions (s)
Silkheart SHC5-163

Roberto Miranda’s Home Music Ensemble

Live at Bing Theatre

Dark Tree Records DT (RS) 14

Despite being in the midst of the retro Young Lions phenomenon that culminated in Wynton Marsalis’ TIME cover, there was still important improvised music being recorded during the 1980s. Additionally, as these significant session attest, collaborations between venerable and slightly younger players were also featured.

Recorded on opposite sides of the US, the discs are also from far different ensembles —a trio and an 11-picece – with In-Between Positions (s) from Newport News, Va. an instance of no-holds-barred Free Jazz while Live at Bing Theatre is a Los Angles concert that mixes Spiritual Jazz with echoes of Bop and Latin sounds. Long-time Cecil Taylor cohort, alto saxophonist Jimmy Lyons (1931-1986) is on the 1982 trio disc with pianist Joel Futterman b. 1946), who now often plays with Kidd Jordan and the pianist’s associate , percussionist Robert Adkins. Recorded in 1985, the LA-concert was the only time that West Coast Free Jazz legends, pianist Horace Tapscott (1934-1999); clarinetist John Carter (1929-1991); trumpeter Bobby Bradford (b. 1934) and flutist James Newton (b. 1953) shared the stage. Impetus was bassist Roberto Miranda (b. 1946), who had worked with each man and convened them plus other horn players and a rhythm section heavy on Latin percussion to interpret and amplify seven of his compositions. MORE