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September 26, 2020

Timothée Quost/Ishmael Ali/Bill Harris

AmalGamusic No #

Brian Groder Trio

Luminous Arcs

Latham Records No #

Vance Provey/Bob Gorry/Paul Gunsberg

Collective Expression


Rhythm section and trumpet trios create intonation challenges which demand cerebral and technical acumen to overcome. Still each of these mostly American groups affects a transformation by joining original material with an extended instrumental palate.

Playing both trumpet and flugelhorn New York’s Brian Groder, who has previously recorded with Sam Rivers and Burton Greene, expresses his 11 compositions with two accomplished veteran free players bassist Michael Bisio and drummer Jay Rosen. Meanwhile on Dawá, French trumpeter Timothée Quost, who usually synthesizes post-mixed soundscapes brings his trumpet and electronics to improvise alongside two Chicago players, cellist/guitarist, Ishmael Ali, who moves between electronica and improvisation and Bill Harris who plays drums and electronics in groups with Josh Berman and others. Finally Collective Expression is just that matching the New Haven-based talents of trumpeter Vance Provey, who has played with Gunter Hampel, guitarist Bob Gorry, who moves among Blues and avant-Jazz and drummer/saxophonist Paul Gunsberg, who has played with Joe Morris. MORE