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January 21, 2021

NPR 15th Annual Jazz Critics Poll: 2020

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Ken Waxman’s Ballot

Ken Waxman (Jazz Word)


1. Virtual Company, Virtual Company (Confront)

2. Edward "Kidd" Jordan-Joel Futterman-William Parker-Hamid Drake, A Tribute to Alvin Fielder: Live at Vision Festival XXIV (Mahakala Music)

3. Urs Blöchlinger Revisited, Harry Doesn't Mind (Leo)

4. Jason Kao Hwang, Human Rites Trio (True Sound)

5. Liquid Quintet, Bouquet (Sirulita -19)

6. ROPE [Frank Paul Schubert-Uwe Oberg-Paul Rogers-Mark Sanders], Open Ends (Trouble in the East) MORE

July 11, 2020

Webber/Morris Big Band

Both Are True
Greenleaf Music GRE CD 1075

Vladimir Tarasov & Krugly Band Orchestra

Sound Tapestries

SoLyd Records SLR 0440

Martin Archer

Anthropology Band

Discus 90 CD

Fire! Orchestra

Krysztof Penderecki Actions

Rune Grammofon RCD 2212

Gard Nilssen Supersonic Orchestra

If You Listen Carefully the Music Is Yours

ODIN CD 9572

Something in the air Novel Large Ensemble Strategies are expressed by Bands All over the World