Reviews that mention Johan Arrias

June 16, 2020


Ausculto Fonogram AUF 005

Daniel Erdmann's Velvet Revolution

Won't Put No Flag Out

BMC CD 282

Stripped to essentials, trio interaction among one reed, one violin and another instrument can result is wildly diverse textures as these two European sessions attest. With microtonal, fragmented and notated music overtones, Crystalline adds preparations onto the six improvisations created by Stockholm-based clarinetist/alto saxophonist Johan Arrias, Korean-born pianist Lisa Ullén and Welsh violinist Angharad Davies. Descended from the swinging chamber-jazz tradition on the other hand, is Velvet Revolution, featuring German tenor saxophonist Daniel Erdmann, French violin/violist Théo Ceccaldi and British vibraphonist Jim Hart. MORE