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January 29, 2010

Patrick Brennan/Abdul Moimême

Creative Sources CS 595 CD

Rugged tone challenges and resolutions are synchronized distinctively by alto saxophonist Patrick Brennan and dual electric guitar conductor Abdul Moimême on the seven tracks of this duo session. Two inhabitants of the exploratory segment of Free Music, New York-based Brennan’s associates have ranged from Lisle Ellis to Gnawi Ma’alem Najib Soudani, while Lisbon’s Moimême has played with the likes of Steve Adams, and Wade Matthews.

Corralling the guitars-and-objects’ wide vibrations, clangorous shuffles and washtub-like pulsating clouts, Moimême sets up a surging continuum around and within a sequence in which Brennan’s reed smears and split tones gnaw outwards. In an adversarial relationship with the guitarist’s dial twisting frails and metallic smashes throughout, the saxophonist’s reed motifs often also resemble aviary peeps or small animal-like clawing. Eventually though, as guitar string pressure builds, hollow resonations and clarion reed cries maintain the sequences’ staccato strength. By the time the concluding “Witness Ampersand” arrives, Brennan’s and Moimême’s dual procedure allows the improvisations to be expressed with the same power but more quietly even as the track’s sonic crannies are filled. MORE