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March 4, 2020

Jorge Nuno Connection

Creative Sources CS 591 CD

SLD Trio

El Contorno del Espacio

Fundacja Słucha FSR 12/2019

Little known in the wider world of exploratory music unless the musicians relocate to Europe or North America, a vibrant, but pocket-sized community of improvisers exists in South America. Following divergent musical currents with dissimilar personnel are combos from the continent’s largest cities showcased here. Buenos Aires’ SLD Trio, consisting of pianist Paula Shocron, bassist German Lamonega and drummer Pablo Diaz provides its version of the FreeJazz piano trio. Meanwhile São Paulo’s Jorge Nuno Connection extends its variations with detours into ethic and electronic impressions, with the band built around a core of Nuno’s guitar, Romulo Alexis’s trumpet, Victor Vieira-Branco’s vibraphone and Rafael Cab’s percussion. Nuno is actually Portuguese and has worked on film sound tracks and with players such as Frank Rosaly and Hernani Faustino. The others, all Brazilian, are involved in multimedia projects and other forms of music, but are members in good standing of São Paulo’s free improvisation and Free Jazz scenes. MORE