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November 28, 2019

Le Quatuor de Jazz Libre Du Québec

Musique Politique Anthologie 1971-1974
Tour de Bras TDBHIST001

Somehow you could link the evolution of Le Quatuor de Jazz Libre Du Québec (QJLQ) that is chronicled on this impressive set of previously unavailable recorded material, with the saga of Quebec indépendentists who in the 1960s and 1970s felt that Socialism was as important to the future of Quebec as separatism. From a ragtag band of radical bohemians, academics and agitators, the movement became more respectable as business people, bureaucrats and economists signed on, so that when the Parti Québécois came to power in 1976, a rational social-democratic ethos was paramount. Even before Quebec reverted to is xenophobic and authoritarian roots with the election of Coalition Avenir Québec, successive PQ policies jettisoned socialism for a vague capitalist nationalism. MORE