Reviews that mention Nick Ashwood

October 2, 2021

Romy Caen, Nick Ashwood and Jim Denley

Between Back and Foreground
Caterpillar #007

Robbie Avenaim/Chris Abrahams/Jim Denley


Relative Pitch RPR 1126

Confirming, if only by inference, that Australia is an enormous island with an extensive outback and rural spaces near its cities are these discs featuring flutist/saxophonist Jim Denley. Although one was recorded in a studio and the other in a former sports club, the sheen of bush land and natural surroundings affects the program. Not that there’s anything Arcadian about the discs, since all the Aussie players are involved with 21st Century free music. MORE

November 7, 2019


Splitrec 29



Free Sonne rnf 05

Phil Minton/John Butcher/Gino Robair

Blasphemious Fragments

Rastascan BR 0076

Defining who is a Jazz singer has long been a mug’s game, subject to all sorts of ifs and buts. However determining who is an improving vocalist is more straightforward – mostly through elimination. If recognizable words are lacking, melody and rhythm are secondary and vocal gymnastics include retches, yelps and other non-pleasant sounds, the case is strongly made for inclusion. Just as convincing, as free-form instrumentalist work out a particular program to expand creativity, so do advanced voice artists, as the British, French and Australian stylists here demonstrate. MORE