Reviews that mention Yves Arques

July 19, 2019


Selon le vent
JACC Records 035 CD


Strings 3

Leo Records CD LR 859

Butt of many musicians’ jokes – especially among violinists – the viola’s mid-range string qualities make it a fine vehicle for improvisation. At the same time, as these viola-featuring trio-ish sessions prove, the mid-size string set can be used in different, sometimes contradictory fashions.

Pareidolia which concentrates on minimalist mesmerizing textures during the two selections on Selon le vent is called trio-ish because Uruguayan bassist Alvaro Rosso, who also works with the likes of violinist Carlos “Zingaro”, joins the official trio on one track. The rest of the band features Portuguese violist João Camões, who divides his time between his native country and France and who has worked with “Zingaro” and Jean-Marc Foussat, and not surprisingly, two French-born improvisers: Freiburg-based pianist Yves Arques and saxophonist/clarinetist Gabriel Lemaire. Working from that point where Free Jazz often extends into the sonic stratosphere Strings 3 is American violist Mat Maneri, known for his work with Matthew Ship among others, alongside Brazilian tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman and Brooklyn-based trumpeter Nate Wooley, who between themselves have worked with most of the major participants in exploratory music. MORE