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July 1, 2020

Kārlis Auziņš

Oneness and the Transcendent Truth
Gotta Let It Out GLIO 43 CD

Patrick Shiroishi

Eye for an Eye

Armageddon AN-R-8

Edith Steyer

Hoax and add-ons

Creative Sources CS 574 CD

Travis LaPlante


New Amsterdam No #

Don Malfon

On Resonance

Sirulita Records SR 2001

Perception rather than poverty is what draws many musicians to record a solo session. Considering the uncertainties involved though, these players usually specialize in improvised sounds. Additionally, building on years of reed experimentation, saxophonists are most prone to taking the solo risk. Using differently pitched instruments, five saxophonists from four countries probe various reed parameters here. What unites them is that each advances unique methods to propel his or her sonic investigations. MORE

July 9, 2019

Mount Meander

Live in Berlin
Gotta Let It Out GLIO 29 CD

As the United Kingdom tears itself apart trying to work out the least painful way to separate from the European Union, the spirit of cooperation that has brought many other states from continental Europe to join the EU continues to flourish. Musically you can note it in a disc like Live in Berlin, from Mount Meander, a fiery post-Trane quartet with members from three different countries.

On the group compositions that make up the band’s second CD there are discussions and detours in the narratives, but overall the tunes are as free of sonic roadblocks and dead ends as travel within the EU should be. With experience playing with the likes of Mat Maneri, Lotte Anker, Kresten Osgood and others, the quartet members now travel firmly on their own route with no meandering. More a suite than eight separate tracks, each statement flows into the next with ample space allocated to Latvian-in-Copenhagen soprano/tenor saxophonist Kārlis Auziņš and German pianist Lucas Leidinger as well as intermezzos for Pole-in-Copenhagen bassist Tomo Jacobson and German drummer Thomas Sauerborn. MORE