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September 17, 2021

Space Quartet

Clean Feed CF 568 CD

Distinctively displaying his original perceptions, Portuguese feedback and electronics instigator Rafael Toral leads a trio of his countrymen through group improvisations that unite inner and outer space. Evolving from a guitarist who blended Free Jazz and Rock with voltage expression in groups like Sei Miguel’s, Toral has refined his approach during the past three decades.

Although he’s abandoned the guitar, some textures vibrate during Directions which resemble those of an electric six-string. However subtle expressions from bassist Hugo Antunes are also there. Meanwhile, the program is filled out with the tough and focused drumming of Nuno Morão plus Nuno Torres’s canny use of the alto saxophone and electronics. While the stridency of arena Rock is evoked in some sequences, the ebullient blend avoids monotony. More generic to the Space Quartet’s sonic progressiveness are tropes expressed on the title and concluding tracks which indicate the quartet’s unique path. On “Directions” the outer space feel promulgated by electronic wave forms is quickly matched with a terrestrial cymbal claps and snare patterns, grounded by double bass thumps. Eventually Toral’s guitar-like whizzes establish the theme alongside Torres’s reed bites. Completing the sentence begun six tracks previously “Other directions” judders forward with a combination of cavernous echoes from Antunes and Toral’s stretched oscillations. As the saxophonist fragments the exposition chromatic into split tones and honks, the electronic overlay follows with almost identical noise tinctures. Resolution and anchoring is expressed with bass string hammering and hollow drum pops. Tracks between the two include variants of electronic flanges and droning feedback; bell and gong smacking from the percussionist; surges spanning the double bass’ highest-pitched notes and warm middle ranges; and reed splays and burbles that evolve at dot matrix-printer speeds. Not neglected are tropes during which reed whistles and electronic unspooling connect, or similar variations among the other players. Toral’s constituting of a particular sonic style is actualized as it’s expressed without division by the Space Quartet. MORE

March 13, 2021

Hugo Antunes/Agustí Fernández/Roger Turner

JACC Records JR 039

Agustí Fernández/Liudas Mockūnas


NoBusiness Records NBLP 132

Catalan pianist Agustí Fernández is apt to turn up anywhere where there are interesting improvised musicians with whom to commingle sounds. These fine sets prove that. Perspectrum finds the pianist in the company of British drummer Roger Turner, who is also a frequent international Free Music associate and Portuguese bassist Hugo Antunes who has worked with the likes of Paul Lovens. Meanwhile Improdimensions is Fernández’s linkage with Lithuanian saxophonist/clarinetist Liudas Mockūnas who has recorded with Rafał Mazur and Haakon Berre among others. Considering the pianist has played with everyone from Evan Parker to William Parker he’s up for any situation MORE

August 7, 2020


Corda Bamba
JACC Records JR 036 CD

El Memorioso

Cinq forms du temps

Musique en Friche MF 007

Molding the expected Jazz combo configuration of tenor saxophone, trumpet, piano, bass and drums to more ductile processes, two European ensembles demonstrate that sound textures can be expressed in startling manners. Plus the worth of each CD lies in the freshness of each band.

Dedicated to a microtonal reflection on memory spurred by saturnine photographs and poetry is Cinq forms du temps. A first iteration of El Memorioso, the French quintet consists of trumpeter Nicolas Souchal, who has recorded with Fred Marty and Jean-Brice Godet; tenor saxophonist Julien Pontvianne part of the Onze Heures Onze Orchestra; pianist Xavier Camarasa also in the Grand Fou band; bassist Alexis Coutureau of the HEO trio; and drummer Julien Chamla, who has played with Hippie Diktat and Godet. Corda Bamba is also a first collaboration but with an international cast. American tenor saxophonist John Dikeman has played with William Parker; the British contingent, pianist Alexander Hawkins and drummer Roger Turners have worked with everyone from Evan Parker to Joe McPhee; while the Portuguese players, trumpeter Luís Vicente and bassist Hugo Antunes have been associated with Paul Lovens and Dirk Serries. MORE

April 17, 2019

The Room

Time & Space
el NEGOCITO Records eNR084

Pandelis Karayorgis Trio


Driff Records CD 1803

Harvey Sorgen Joe Fonda Marilyn Crispell


NotTwo MK 977-2


Quince Dreams

Creative Sources CS 495

With a history now as old as Rock’n’Roll, but unlike that inward turning genre, the Jazz piano trio continues to be a method of original expression for many players. Without altering its basic shape, savvy musicians can use the format to be as traditional or as ingenious as possible. Luckily the 12 players on these discs – two American and two European trios – excel on the latter path. MORE