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December 27, 2018

Shay Hazan Quintet

Domestic Peace
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Shay Hazan

Good Morning Universe

NoBusiness Records NBEP 4

As arguably the Middle East’s only First World country and undeniably its only democracy, Israel has been able to develop a sophisticated Jazz scene during its 70 years of existence. In fact like other mature scenes, Israeli Jazzers are started to expatriate, especially to New York and European cities. That hasn’t diminished the national scene as discs like these attest.

Recorded about a year apart in a Tel Aviv club, both feature the bass work and compositions of Shay Hazan, known internationally for his work in the Bones trio and with veteran Israeli tenor saxophonist Albert Berger. Each features Hazan, drummer Haim Peskoff and tenor saxophonist Eyal Netzer. The three are joined on the earlier session by Berger, additional drummer Ofer Bymel and cellist Nadav Masel, casting Good Morning Universe in a free-ish double trio context; while Domestic Peace adds trumpeter Tal Avraham and pianist Milton Michaeli to produce five tunes oriented towards the FreeBop spectrum. Each clocks in at slightly more than half an hour, meaning neither wears out its welcome. MORE