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August 13, 2021

Christer Bothén 3

Bocian Records BC-CB3

The Bridge Sessions 13

The Way Through

TBS 13

Expressing low-pitched clarinet timbres in original fashions is part of the appeal of these small group discs. Of interest as well is after decades of overlooking their qualities, improvised musicians can dedicate themselves to deep timbre woodwinds. A veteran player born in 1941, who has recorded with Mats Gustafsson and Don Cherry, Swede Christer Bothén’s Omen is two suites performed on bass and contrabass clarinets, with contributions from younger players, bassist Vilhelm Bromander, 33 and drummer Konrad Agnas 30. Five tracks of pure improvisation, Chicago-based young veteran Jason Stein, 44, who has played in many formations, adds his bass clarinet tones to those produced by landsman Josh Berman, and two French visitors, cellist Didier Petit and drummer Edward Perraud with a much smaller age gap than on Omen. MORE

October 26, 2018

Alberto Pinton Noi Siamo

Opus Facere
Clean Feed CF 473 CD

Spontaneous and expansive present-day swing is the take away from this live Stockholm concert featuring the quietest audience is memory. The muted appreciation may be the result of careful editing, or as likely to have resulted from the spectators experiencing four artful players at top form. They are Italian saxophonist/clarinetist Alberto Pinton, a long-time Swedish resident who composed all the tunes but one group-improvisation; trumpeter Niklas Barnö, who has worked with Fire! Orchestra and Joel Grip; bassist Torbjorn Zetterberg, who has partnered Jonas Kullhammar and Susana Santos Silva; and drummer Konrad Agnas, part of Johan Lindström’s septet. MORE