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August 28, 2021

Alexei Borisov/Jérôme Lorichon/Olga Nosova/ Quentin Rollet

ReQords REQ 006

A pleasant oddity recorded in 2014 but not released until now, Shampanskoye combines one French duo and one Russian duo for seven quartet tracks which stir together concepts from many genres. From the Gallic side are saxophonist Quentin Rollet, who jumps between improv and avant rock sounds and Jérôme Lorichon, specialist of Buchla synthesizer playing in groups like Zombie Zombie. From the east comes guitarist Alexei Borisov, whose touchstones are Techno and experimental sounds and drummer Olga Nosova, who has played with Thomas Lehn. All contribute additional voice, electronics and effects textures. MORE

September 11, 2018

Quentin Rollet/Jean-Marc Foussat/Christian Rollet

Entrée des Pays de grête
Bisou Records BIS-007 U/Fou Records CD 30

The Clifford Thornton Memorial Quartet

Sweet Oranges

NotTwo MW 971-2

Paris-based Jean-Marc Foussat bifurcated career is half dedicated to his skillful recording of major French exploratory musicians such as bassist Joëlle Léandre , while the remainder of his time is taken up using his analogue AKS synthesizer to add to the creative sounds produced by sympathetic associates. Each of these CDs takes advantage of his dual personality, and such is the architecture of the sessions that each of his talents is used fruitfully. MORE