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July 1, 2018

Aalberg/Kullhammar/Zetterberg/Santos Silva

Basement Sessions Vol.4 (The Bali Tapes)
Clean Feed CF 451 CD

Taking cues from two venerable Jazz customs, the piano-less quartet and the after-hours jam session, this Stockholm-based quartet puts a 21st Century Continental spin on the form plus a pinch of alien din, since each musician plays a gamelan instruments as well as western ones. Un-hackneyed coloration the Javanese tones pepper the four compositions by percussionist Espen Aalberg and is almost expected since the date was recorded in Bali, Indonesia. Those concerned about appropriation of voice – or should that be sound? – would be mistaken though, in the same way that the trope about Europeans borrowing an initially African-American idiom have been put to rest through observation. MORE