Reviews that mention Béla Ágoston

January 11, 2018

Frank London//The Glass House Orchestra

Astro-Hungarian Jewish Music
Piranha Records PIR 3063

Like those 1960s urban country blues players or citybillies who tired of recreating other persons’ sounds, some Klezmer revivalists have gone in two separate directions for more authenticity. Like those urban pickers who moved south to join local country bands, Klezmer players trekked to Eastern Europe to intensify appreciation of pre-Holocaust texts and resurrect others. Back in the 1960s as well, bands like Electric Flag and Country Joe & The Fish, to pick two, were started by players who used their knowledge of blues and folk as a basis for psychedelic-electric experiments. With Astro-Hungarian Jewish Music, New York trumpeter-bandleader Frank London is someone in the Klez field trying both routes simultaneously. MORE

August 9, 2017

Knutdut Men

BMC CD 236

Perhaps there was an unknown tributary of the Mississippi river which linked to the Danube when Jazz purportedly made its journey from New Orleans to St. Louis, Memphis and beyond. Certainly the playing of the saxophonists in the Budapest-based Knutdut Men quartet come across as if they’re background was Southern American not Hungarian. During the course of six originals, all composed by tenor saxophonist Béla Ágoston, the in-the-pocket reed harmonies created by him and alto saxophonist Ákos Murányi could be coming from Hank Crawford and Don Wilkerson in Ray Charles band of the late-1950s. MORE