Reviews that mention Sakina Abdou

July 23, 2017


Quelque Chose Au Milieu
Circum-Disc LX0008/Becoq Records 25

Jan Klare/Julius Gabriel

About Angels and Animals

Umland Records 05

Raymond MacDonald/Graeme Wilson

Cast of Thousands

Creative Sources CS 353 CD

Should a future Jazz historian be looking for a perception that would disassociate 21st Century improvised music from its 20th Century antecedent, communion has replaced challenge as an overriding musical motif. Like cars with giant fins, smoke-filled offices and steno pools, the idea of a cutting contest where one instrumentalist proved his skill by brutally defeating others in symbolic man-to-man combat is a relic of the past. Take these two-saxophone meetings for instance, Unlike the fabled Hawk vs. Prez or Jug vs Stitt reed battles, the players here are intent on advancing ingenious interaction while maintaining their own identities. The fashion of humiliated losers and triumphant winners is as outdated as spats. With the discs clearly slotted into the experimental expanse, each player works to expand the limits of his instrument to its utmost, MORE