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October 2, 2021


Helix LX 017

Proving that two and two can sometimes add up to five is Oeure-Glace, almost 76 minutes of pure and reconciled improvisations. A chance intersection of two sets of Lille-based musicians, Adoct, joins members of the TOC trio of drummer Peter Orins, pianist Jérémie Ternoy and guitarist Ivann Cruz with the duo of pianist Barbara Dang and Sakina Abdou, playing alto saxophone and alto recorder.

Notwithstanding that tracks are mostly atmospheric and evolve at a leisurely pace, two pianos allows for augmented judicious or jarring keyboard patterns. One pianist chimes keys and creates singular clips and cascading runs that intersect with guitar string frails for positioned lyricism. Meanwhile the other stops keys, plucks internal strings and vibrates implements on top of the string set, which vibrate alongside the drummer’s subtle rumbles, rustles and clacks., Intermittently interjecting split tones, peeps or puffs from either of her horns, Abdou makes her presence felt when vital. MORE

January 16, 2021

Toc & Dave Rempis

Closed for Safety Reasons
Circum-Disc CIDI 2002



The Bridge #14 (TBS11)

Chicago reedist Dave Rempis and Lille-based drummer Peter Orins can cunningly express themselves in a dizzying variety of forms. Rempis is a member of several trios and quartets, while the drummer not only plays with Kaze, but is part of many local ensembles.

Performing with musicians from both France and the US, Minuscules and Closed for Safety Reasons demonstrate the two musicians’ flexibility. A committed session of Free improvisation, Minuscules has Rempis playing alto and tenor saxophones along with fellow Yank Keefe Jackson on sopranino and tenor saxophones and bass clarinet along with a unique all-Gallic rhythm configuration of pianist Christine Wodrascka plus Didier Lasserre on drums as well as Orins. The other disc mixes freeform with fusion, as Rempis brings his horns to a session by the long-established French Toc trio, made up of Orins, guitarist Ivann Cruz and Jérémie Ternoy playing Fender Rhodes and piano bass. Local alto saxophonist Sakina Abdou joins the quartet on the CD’s final track. MORE

June 11, 2020


Helix LX 013


Triple Tube

NotTwo MW 998-2

Alternative approaches to a simple piano-saxophone-drums interaction characterize these decisive trio sessions. As unlike as beer is to wine both concepts are equally valid and thoroughly contemporary, proving again how far this configuration has evolved since Benny Goodman popularized it 85 years ago,

No one here would relate to those Swing Era idols though. Firmly rooted in Free Jazz and Free Music with a touch of ethnic sounds are the Chicagoans on Triple Tube, saxophonist Dave Rempis, who worked with Ken Vandermark and leads a variety of his own units, and percussionist Michael Zerang, whose associates stretch from Joe McPhee to Hamid Drake. Third partner in the ensemble is Graz pianist Elisabeth Harnik, who has extensive notated music experience as well as improv partnerships with the likes of Joëlle Léandre, Moving on from Free Jazz and Free Music to even testier microtonal sounds is the trio on Lescene/Gmatique. All Lille-based and members of the Muzzix collective, saxophonist Sakina Abdou has played with Eve Risser and Raymond Boni; pianist Barbara Dang with Sophie Agnel and the Dedalus ensemble; and drummer Peter Orins in a multitude of small and large ensembles such as those with Satoko Fuji. MORE

September 3, 2017

TOC & the Compulsive Brass

Air Bump
Circum Disc CID 1601

Like researchers whose experiments with specific formulations serendipitously creates another useful compound, the septet on Air Bump seem to have set out with one result in mind, but ended up with another equally legitimate one. Initially the players, members of the Lille, France-based Muzzix Collective, had decided to salute the sound and energy of pioneering New Orleans musicians like Jelly Roll Morton or Kid Ory. Except for some brassy gutbucket slurs and two-beat rhythms on the concluding “Kat Kid”, Trad Jazz styled references seem to be as distanced from this disc as Lille is from Lafayette, La. Instead the tracks are a mixture of Improv, Rock, Jazz and other influences. MORE

July 23, 2017


Quelque Chose Au Milieu
Circum-Disc LX0008/Becoq Records 25

Jan Klare/Julius Gabriel

About Angels and Animals

Umland Records 05

Raymond MacDonald/Graeme Wilson

Cast of Thousands

Creative Sources CS 353 CD

Should a future Jazz historian be looking for a perception that would disassociate 21st Century improvised music from its 20th Century antecedent, communion has replaced challenge as an overriding musical motif. Like cars with giant fins, smoke-filled offices and steno pools, the idea of a cutting contest where one instrumentalist proved his skill by brutally defeating others in symbolic man-to-man combat is a relic of the past. Take these two-saxophone meetings for instance, Unlike the fabled Hawk vs. Prez or Jug vs Stitt reed battles, the players here are intent on advancing ingenious interaction while maintaining their own identities. The fashion of humiliated losers and triumphant winners is as outdated as spats. With the discs clearly slotted into the experimental expanse, each player works to expand the limits of his instrument to its utmost, MORE