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May 23, 2021

Vladimir Chekasin/Alexey Kruglov

Aspect Ratio
Fancy Music Fancy LC 33246

The Remote Viewers

Let the City Sleep

Remote Viewers RV 17

Saxophone aligned but not saxophone absorbed, one British and one Russian session expand the basic reed timbres with computer processing of sounds, music, poetry and voices. Goal realization is achieved as the disparate components jell logically.

Let the City Sleep is the newest disc from London’s The Remote Viewers (RV), an ensemble of fluctuating saxophones plus other instruments. This time it’s a saxophone quartet of Adrian Northover (soprano), Caroline Kraabel (alto) and David Petts and Sue Lynch (tenors) all of whom have extensive experience with The London Improvisers Orchestra and other UK bands. Expanding his usual role as bassist is John Edwards who uses computer programs and electronic synthesis to mulch and mutilates the reed sound sources, add field recording noise and alter and invert tempos and pitches to create novel and unusual synthesis. Moscow-recorded Aspect Ratio on the other hand features only two saxophonists, veteran Vladimir Chekasin, best known for his membership in the Ganelin Trio, on soprano and younger Alexey Kruglov, who has extensive local and international experience, on alto and various reed add-ons and subtractions. While reed interaction is more upfront than the saxophone textures on the RV disc, the space is also shared with electronic mixing and the voices of the two interpreting Chekasi’s graphic scores along with the poetry and palindromes of Kruglov. MORE

April 21, 2017

Dieter Glawischnig & Friends

Izk CD 015

New Old Luten Quintet


Euphorium Records EUPH 052

Harth/Seidel/Spera/Van der Plas


Plus 087

Old Free Jazzers never die, they don’t even fade away. What they do, as these CDs indicate, is follow new musical paths. Like pedigreed commodities crossbred with other products, it appears that veteran improvisers can reunite with old associates to uncover variations of mutual musical concepts; demonstrate the timelessness of their conceptions by hooking up with younger improviser; or use contemporary sound language to express their ideas in a novel fashion. MORE