Reviews that mention Anthony Argatoff

March 11, 2017

Dog Leg Dilemma

Not This Time
No Label No#

By Ken Waxman

Like the apocryphal teenager who asked in surprise “you mean Paul McCartney was in another group before Wings?”, the young members of the Toronto-based Dog Leg Dilemma (DLD) sound as if they figure jazz was invented in the 1970 and 1980s, with the touchstones rock fusion, John Zorn and Frank Zappa’s instrumental work. Still, DLD’s core of alto saxophonist Anthony Argatoff, guitarist Nick Lavkulik, drummer Noah Sherman and Peter Bull who plays basses, several ancillary instruments and composed the seven tunes here, are a refreshing change from many bands which appear mired in the 1950s and 1960s. Plus starting off the CD with “This Must Be Why I Came Home” with an ersatz emcee’s comments leading into a jazz-rock polka shows a sense of fun lacking in many jazzers. MORE