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January 7, 2017

Gender and Identity in Jazz: Darmstäder Studies in Jazz Research

Edited by Wolfram Knauer
Jazz Institute Darmstadt

By Ken Waxman

Only during the past 20 years has serious scholarship turned to examining the effect of gender inequality and sexual preference on jazz. With different identities the subject of 2015’s Darmstäde Jazzforum, the 17 essays collected here offer a thoughtful and informed overview of the subjects. Written mostly in English, with summaries provided for German entries, the most valuable pieces are based on primary research. An important distinction is also made between two concepts. While the idea of woman playing jazz has accepted –although downgraded as not being as profound as so-called real jazz from males – the idea that homosexuals and lesbians were involved in the music seems to have been a non-starter for many practitioners. MORE