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September 11, 2016


The Struggle Can Be Enobling
Disk Respect 01

Naftule’s Dream


Naftule’s Dream Recordings 103

Just as Latin music, so-called World music Blues and even Jazz itself has changed as the years pass so has the instrumental offshoot called Klezmer. Similar in a way to the evolving practices of the Jews, who were its original adherents, and who accommodated changing circumstances and times during their many thousands of years of history, in 2016 some Klezmer interpolates values and sounds that couldn’t have been imagined by its Eastern European progenitors. Some klezmorim, like their Latino and Blues counterparts are orthodox traditionalists who play songs unaltered. But in an equivalent fashion to certain urbanized immigrants, who decide that different modes of dress and deportment can be meritorious, some adopt novel sounds to the Klezmer base. MORE