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May 7, 2016


5 Journeys
Clermont Music CLE 015 CD

Franciszak Raczkowski Trio


Fortune Records 066 (0042)

Trying to avoid geographic stereotypes, it still appears that climatic conditions may account for the independent ways in which these ensembles have evolved originals takes on the ongoing Jazz piano trio tradition. Based in the Galícia region of Spain, Sumrrá, consisting of pianist Manuel Gutiérrez, bassist Xacobe Martinez Antelo and drummer LAR Legido attack seven original compositions with the fiery heat you would expect from a summer day in the peninsula. Meanwhile the Polish trio headed by pianist Franciszek Raczkowski, including bassist Paweł Wszołek and drummer Piotr Budniak ranges through the keyboardist’s seven compositions as if experiencing as if reflecting the weather in November day in Warsaw. MORE